Monday, June 17, 2013

Washington Post: The protests in Turkey won’t be the last [by Soli Özel]

Per my Tülin teyze [aunt Tülin]:
Not a fully accurate article, but still. Overlooks the fact that there are no 'free and clear elections' anymore. Last two elections There was rampant fraud! In addition, AKP never got more than 34% of the votes! Because of the 10% requirement to get a seat in the Parliament, more than 50% of the votes are thrashed. His claim that '50% voted for him' is total BS and propaganda. He, his family, his supporters have robbed Turkey blind under the guise of privatization and democracy! Destroyed the Justice system, educational system, and got rid of the separation of powers! Some democracy! Look at the distribution of the per capita income and you will see that economic prosperity is a myth! He has to pay and transport his 'followers' for free, promising food and drink to hold these meetings ! Moreover, he gives them Turkish flags to wave that he has banned and considered a provocation, to fool the foreign media!

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