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Video: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University students & alumni - We are human. We are one. Don't bring us apart. #direntürkiye

FB Post [Ahu Iltus]: Summary of this evening's events for English speakers

FB Post [Occupy Gezi]: Human Rights Association (Istanbul) tweets

FB Post [Occupy Gezi]: Tonight in Istanbul via

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN TURKEY - please help spread the news & raise awareness for the truth

As run in the New York Times (6/7/13)
The 10 Days of the Resistance
There's a sad & disgusting reality to what has become of my beautiful home country due to the fascist government who's been whittling away at everyone's freedom since taking office. It started with winning elections by buying the votes of the poor communities & promising the rich ridiculous financial benefits which even the intellectual community couldn't see past. Continued with: desecrating the beauty of the country & its spirit; effectively eliminating the military checks & balances that had been put in place by the incomparable revolutionary mind of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk for the better of the people to help protect from exactly what's going on now; throwing current & former military officers [most who served their country & people their entire adult lives] & journalists in jail under false pretenses & BS accusations; putting its own religious zealots into power positions in the judicial system as well as the police corps; striking deals with corporations owned by those in its inner circle; and buying out the media for its own propaganda. And now this - literally FIGHTING unarmed civilians who have been standing up for what they believe in peaceful protests across the nation. I'm beyond saddened for the state of my home, my parents' home, my grandparents' home, my family's home & for its remarkable people. Power-hungry & corrupt religious extremists have made it what you see today in the news. Equating Erdoğan to Hitler is not an understatement in the least - the man has used the same powers of manipulation & persuasion to take over the minds of a number of its constituents & rules with an iron fist. He basically believes it's his way or no way at all & refuses to listen to the majority of the population. He now taunts the protestors, calling them liars, hooligans & looters. He's doing whatever he can to incite a civil war & to provoke the peaceful protestors toward violence. He's lying & manipulating the press by limiting the violence in areas where the international media is now present while ramping it up in other cities in the nation. I hope that these horrific scenes will truly lead to the start of a necessary & overdue revolution to push out the AK Party [AKP] & bring true democracy back to my beloved Türkiye.

Please help me spread the word - the true colors of the Turkish government are finally coming out & most of the international world is still not fully aware of the ongoing travesties and reasons behind it. My family & friends have been pepper sprayed & tear gassed - I'm fortunate that I haven't had anything worse happen to those in my circle. Others are not so lucky. In addition to keeping the media within Turkey from covering what's happening, the government is blocking civilian access to FB & Twitter to try to stop the truth from coming out. They're now even starting to arrest citizens who tweet dissenting messages - Erdoğan has actually called Twitter & social media the biggest trouble in society today [primarily because it's a worldwide medium he can't yet manipulate or buy out]. The international community is more important than ever. It's not only dire for me & my immediate & extended families - ultimately the continued Islamic extremism & corrupted, dictatorial leadership in Turkey will significantly affect the rest of the world in a negative manner as it's a key strategic military hub [especially in that region]. Only a matter of time before the government flips that power into the wrong people's hands.

Below are articles, video, images, & commentary that I feel are significant 
to share. I've also added a handful of my Turkish friends who live both in & out of Turkey to help share their accounts, stories, articles, etc. Hopefully this will prove a useful tool for everyone to help get the truth out to the world. Again, please help me spread the word. It's direly important.


Capturing Occupy Gezi

An incredible (mostly) daily account of the happenings in Istanbul along with some stunning photography. Highly recommend.

Ways to help/get involved

What can I do for Turkey? 
List of Gezi protests around the world & corresponding Gezi-related city pages
Sign the White House petition: Condemn actions taken against peaceful protesters in Turkey
Donate to Amnesty International to support their work to protect civil rights in Turkey
Sign the petition asking CNN to revoke CNN Türk's franchise rights:
Sign the petition asking BBC to stop its partnership with Turkey's biased NTV: 
Amnesty USA: Urgent action memo
Amnesty International: Take action
Amnesty International: What you can do NOW to stop the abuse of protestors in Turkey
Sign the petition asking the General Director of Cultural Property & Museums to preserve Taksim Gezi Park as a modern civic landmark & monument
Sign the petition to stop placing tear gas in the hands of Turkish riot police 

Show Discontent: A record of Taksim Gezi Park protest meetings [by Twitter user @showdiscontent]

Lots of powerful images along with commentary recapping the daily events to date

Facebook groups in support of #occupygezi #occupyturkey #direntürkiye #direngeziparki #resistanbul #istandbul #duranadam #durankadin #chapullers

International support for Occupy Gezi Park - Istanbul!
Diren Gezi Parki, diren Türkiyem
Türkiye tek tek yürek (Gezi Parki için)
Occupy Gezi
Resistanbul. The world supports the Turkish Spring.
Occupy Turkey
Diren Türkiye 
Duran Adam

Friday, July 5, 2013

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